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African Private Equity is a capital partnerships focusing on opportunistic investment solutions across the continent. Our investment partnerships range from angel and seed capital for early stage development, to major funding for later stage collaborative or direct financing.

Our scope ranges from initial feasibility risk required to prepare promising opportunities for follow on funding, to consortium closing capital.

We create and fund innovative capital structures & partnerships for unique business solutions.

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Africa’s Peak PE Investments
2014 Totals

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Recent PE Investments Declined
2019 Totals

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Individual Investment Amount
2019 Average

‘Africa’s new infrastructure & maintenance requires ~US$170 billion each year while the continent burns ~US$44 billion on debt service.’

We Seed Africa Growth & Development!

We will review, analyse, and support any promising African business opportunity.

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The continent is our home, our platform, and our mutual gateway to the future. We operate by cultivating transcontinental and international networks and recruiting project partners to harvest value creation.

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