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Our Network

Our Network


Our network of knowledgeable, experienced professionals collaborate as a project team and become the conduit between each business opportunity and global capital markets.
We assemble a bespoke project team to fully support requirements of each opportunity as necessary.
OurSupport includes capital, legal, management, or technical services needed for successful completion.

We are African, we understand Africa,
we believe in Africa.

Our Affiliates


Our affiliates are an established network of institutional intermediaries and service providers with ties to global markets and high profile professionals in countries where they operate.

Our Associates


We have developed a network of associates in professional sectors globally and across the African continent to provide support services, real-time intelligence, and local follow up. Associates have local knowledge and international professional qualifications in their key coverage areas from finance, law, accountancy, corporate governance, or other professional services.

Our Core Team


Our core team are senior professionals with direct business development experience in their respective professional sectors. Professionals in our network cover markets from Europe, US, Africa, and Asia. Our project team matrix involves nominating specific team members and assigning them to each new project which they work on through to funding completion or business development as required.